Responsive Design

Adaptable To Any Screen

This theme is responsive! It has been designed from the ground up to adapt to virtually any device screen, ensuring your content will look great no matter where you visit it from. Every element within is made to be flexible, adaptable, and to gracefully degrade on older browsers. Additionally, the theme’s responsive features can easily be controlled from the theme options page, allowing you to disable them if needed.

If you wish to, the responsiveness of the theme can be disabled with a simple click. For those who want a more traditional approach to their site, this is a useful option found in the Theme Options page. Doing so will render the site equally on every device at its full resolution.

Despre noi

Având o bogată experiență dată atât de numărul mare de lucrări executate, cât și de diversitatea acestora, putem oferi o garanție mare a manoperei alături de o calitate înaltă a materialelor folosite ce pot satisface și cei mai exigenți beneficiari.



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